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Gambling myths

Published: 2012-08-16 13:38:21

We can risk a statement that there is no other industry that would be as controversial as gambling. Recently many myths have grown up around them that were born cause of incredible activity of people that don't have any idea about it both in theory and practise.

It is common belief that gambler is actually an „addict” which means that people interested in playing at the online casinos or sports bets need a medical help. This kind of conviction naturally have it's ground – there is a part of gambling games users that are up to loose all theirs' money. Most of the „morality defenders” says that those people are the most important for the casino as they are leaving there the biggest money. But the case doesn't seem to be that simple. In this article we will try to present our point of view on most of the aspects regarding gambling at online casino just to check if those „gambling myths” are real or not.

Every gambler is an addict!

This kind of sentences are repeated since ages and for sure a man who didn't have any contact with casino games unwittingly repeats them because he thinks it's a true. However the reality is much more complicated. Generally players can be divided into those who play to have fun and those who want to win a lot of money. It's hard to say which group is more prone to get addicted. First group can forget what limit they have determined at the beginning of gaming and they don't even see when they've crossed it. But from the other hand it takes not much more but self-discipline to nicely spend a few evenings without incurring too great loss. The second group in fact forgets about very important rule of probability which is never giving too big chances to the player. User aware of casino games knows well about it what means that he knows when he should stop playing. Summaring: knowledge and a bit of self-discipline is enough to not get into addiction. If somebody doesn't have those traits of character he shouldn't get into gambling.

Casinos want the players to get addicted!

In this sentence hides the reason why gambling is always so strongly attacked. However bad press has also some positives as todays casinos – online or real – have to care about their image and try to avoid getting connected with addiction issue. Of course we can say that everyone has his own mind and should decide about himself but when it comes to the emotions in the game they forget about the limits and instead of the originator - casino is blamed.  However casinos themselves everyday remind us of the consequences associated with too long gaming. On most websites there are mini-psychological tests that can help the player to realize that he should clamp down and maybe even close his account. Gambling at ground-based casinos is often combined with alcohol which is never a good advisor to unsober persons and that's why drunk people are not allowed to play.

It's all about luck at casino games.

Most of the gambling games that are available at casinos are for fun. Huge prizes are an addition to the entertainment which is provided by specific games. But when they get separated into those where success is granted in 100% by luck and those kind of games are most of all different slot machines and videogames; but from the other hand we can't avoid some kind of strategy in case of black-jack, baccarat or even roulette. An indispensable feature of every player at the casino should be moderation and consistency. Even if the game is a game in which victory or defeat depends on luck, everyone should have established a strategy that should include the chief point when to leave the casino...

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