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Can online casinos be trusted?

Published: 2012-08-16 13:39:40

Can we entrust our money to online casinos with a peace of mind? Most of the players don't hesitate to invest theirs' money at the online casino which are usually offering bonuses from pay ins but many are still wondering if the game is fair and can You really win anything.

Those doubts about unfair plays of the online casinos come mostly from the conviction that in the opposite to the real casinos where the players can see every gameplay and a croupier the cheats actually don't happen because they would be quickly noticed and the players would turn back from that place. Second important factor is a pop-culture overview which has greatly formed the way of thinking about gambling. For if we recall well-known American movies in which action takes place at any casino even if only for a moment then we would come to the conclusion that those places are surrounded by a bit ambiguous aura and people somehow connected with a crime world are hanging around there. It obviously comes from the fact that the producers were always interested in specific period in a history of the U.S.A. where gambling went underground and was controlled by mafia. Nowadays casinos want to break off as hard as they can from that shameful opinion but it's not that simple. Today we can say with full decisiveness that online games are as safe as those in the real world because on the internet it's much easier to gain a bad name and the companies that were cheating theirs' players got to know about it – but those incidents were very rare.

However layman can ask: “Than how the casino is actually making money? Somebody can have theoretically so much luck that he will win a huge money and we can also imagine that there can be more of them at one casino at a time. But the big companies don't go bankrupt but even contrary they note even greater profits”. That kind of thinking intuitively understandable probably by everyone who didn't have any contact with the casinos and they weren't interested even theoretically in gambling is burdened with a mistake resulting from not knowing the laws of probability and math. Now in every game available at online casino or the real one it has a great advantage over the player which can be relatively small – from 0/5% to 2% but it can even go up to 25%. It is the easiest to notice by playing roulette in two versions: American and European. The presence of double zero is increasing the advantage of the casino over  the player what is easy to count (there is 37 numbers on the roulette, 0, and in American version double 0; 1/37 x 100% = 2.7% and in case of double zero 5.4%).

Summaring online casinos don't have to cheat to make money. Of course cases of cheating happens but it's very rare and hard to expect leading casinos to participate in this kind of actions. However if we think that definitelly something is wrong and the casino is cheating we simply shouldn't play there. But of course we can face a problematic situation when our money has already been paid bonus has been gained but we have to turn it to make a whindraw. In that situation we should play the games where the advantage of the casino is relatively small and use the best possible strategy to minimalize it even more.

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