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Responsible gaming

Published: 2012-08-16 13:54:01

When writing about gambling we can't bypass quite uncomfort issue which addiction is. Uncomfort as from one hand it is everyone's individual choice but from the other one noone can deny that it is a problem especially for those
 that are just getting started with gambling.

The argument of toxity of gambling is also used by politicians or public opinion and sometimes it even leads to specific legal solutions that prevent and limit the possibility of playing gambling games. Is it fair? The opinions are divided and the case is quite complex. Huge development of the internet made that nowadays accessibility to this kind of sites, also by teenagers, is extremaly easy and basicly uncontrolled. From the other hand all respected online casinos ask for a pove of being an adult in form of scanning and mailing appropriate document and therefore the argument of the lack of control over the players should never appear. Another problem is that gambling is often reflected on the innocent family members of compulsive gambler who in the final stage of addiction is often no longer competent to stop playing and it can have bad infuence on innocent people from his surroundings. Therefore not surprisingly concern for those who may fall into the habit; the worst thing is that in the fight against gambling - especially on the Internet - are often used false arguments which reveal that the opponents of gambling generally do not have the faintest idea about it.

It is often said that the casinos want the player to become addicted to games so they can spend more money even if borrowed. It fits perfectly into the "bad" image of the casinos that are focused only on short-term profits. However this reasoning completely ignores the aspect of long-term profits because it presupposes that the casinos want to quickly earn a given amount of money then - so to speak - collapse business. But it's not like it because the biggest companies that hold a lot of online casinos exist from a dozen or even dozens of years and are prospering quite well. In addition remembering about bad atmosphere around gambling from time to time successfully used by politicians the casinos have to care about obeying proper rules. In a real casino this rule would be a ban on participation in the game under the influence of alcohol. Naturally in the virtual world it looks a bit different. On the websites there are special  tests available just to help determine the extent to which we are at risk of addiction to gaming and if needed we can close an account or impose on it the appropriate limit.   

But nothing can replace a sound mind and one's own principles which we stick with while paying. Keep in mind that gambling is certainly a great way to spend your free time and in addition everyone has a chance to win big money and fulfill his dreams but You can't treat is as a way of life. This does not mean that addicted to gambling are only those who after consecutive defeats still continue to play thou a fundamental ignorance of mathematics strongly favors making bad decisions at the casino. It is as easy to get addicted when don't have a straight plan of action that we stick to with iron hand. This plan should take into account not only the amount of money we can spend on gaming but also the specific group of games in which we participate. Therefore as an avowed fan of card games I won't be spending money on online slot machines which simply do not interest me and if I ever decide to play on one of them I should set upper  impassable amount of  money to spend.

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