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How to win at the casino?

Published: 2012-08-16 13:56:40

The question posed in the title of this article is perverse because no one who is characterized by at least a little responsibility for what he says will give clear and above all effective answer to this question. However it doesn't mean firsly that every player is doomed to failure and secondly that every victory is thanks to luck only. The player armed with knowledge from math and especially from probability has much greater chance of winning than the player that plays blindly.

Great development of gambling at the 20th century made that many players have appeared who decided to make gaming the way of life but usually with miserable effect. However till now gamblers are trying to invent perfect system for winning at specific game, wether roulette, black-jack and also in other games. Many math theorists was thinking about existence of this kind reliable systems but their's efforts were always partial. It means that the systems for the specific games truly exist but they are only partial which means that they greatly increase player's chances for winnig in the encounter against the casino or they are loaded with some kind of additional tips that have to be fulfilled if the player wants to win more than he invested into the game. The example of second of the systems can be methodes of playing roulette where we have to set basicly unlimited budget – in case of betting on specific numbers – or very high if we are betting on colour. But at black-jack we can make the advantage of the croupier will drop very low and with proper tactic it's the player that gets advantage over the croupier. But it has to be clearly said: there is no perfect system that would grant a victory at every game. The success depends on iron tactical plan and skilled changes of tactic at the right time. It sounds paradoxically but good player is able to sniff the ocassion for quick profits and sligthly change the course set at the beginning.

Mentioned tactical plan should involve most of all the way of playing (agressively or steady) and also how much money we can put into a game in a specific day. It is also important what we want to achieve I mean the amount of money that is satisfaying us enough to leave the game or casino. If the player manage to win that amount he can decide that he wants to try his luck with the rest of his money but he won't let the game own him and lose all his money. Not without the reason it is said that gambling is not an entertainment for people with lack of strong will as they usually don't know when to pass and they lose all the money. Very often a bad advisor is an alcohol especially now when we can play in  front of the monitor where there's noone to ask us to leave the building.

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