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The history of the roulette

Published: 2012-08-16 13:57:27

The roulette has became almost indispensable element of every respected casino. But not many know how long and great tradition it has and how important from the view of history issues stood for invention and develompent of the game. That's why it is worth to take a closer look at the history and development of this incredible game.

First information about the roulette appeared in the ancient times but cause of obvios reasons this game which only slightly was reminding this modern version – wasn't called so. It was invented by ancient Greeks but later it was played by Romans. Sources of history say that as a „wheel” they were using a chariot wheel thanks to which they could bet where the wheel will stop. Nowadays the roulette is mostly connected with Blaise Pascal – well-known French philosopher interesed in etic and mathematic issues like probability. A machine that was very similiar to modern slot machines was used by him for considerations about probability. Echo of this considerations is probably famous Pascal's bet about the existence of the God; according to Pascal it is much more worthy to believe in God as by doing so we gain eternal life and losing only a part of our own.

A kind of paradox is a fact that at the beginning of a modern life the roulette was a machine used for this kind of considerations. It is not even about what it was used for tens of years later but rather what controversions accompanied it. The game was often called „devilish” and mostly because the sum of all numbers placed on it was 666. For this reason many fans of the roulette were persecuted as the rumors about theirs' secret powers were spread. But this fact didn't stop the roulette from development as firstly it became popular in France and then in other european countries and in 19th century it became popular also behind the Ocean.

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