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The rules of the roulette

Published: 2012-08-16 14:00:04

The roulette is probably well-known by most of the people even by those who are not interested in gambling and they have never been at the casino. But only a few know how many different options the game is hiding as it's not only about – as laymen surely see it – staring at the wheel and counting on our number to be a winning one.

American and European roulette

It is well known that the roullete was used in the past by many thinkers for considerations about probability, fate and even destiny. However most of the people played it to gain money and there's where great developmemnt of the casinos at the begining of 18th century comes from. Problems based on the law which first fans of the game had to face and also huge development of popularity of the roulette behinde the Ocean made splitting the game into american and european versions. They seem to be different only a bit as on the european roulette we have got 37 segments: numbers from 1 to 36 and zero but in the american version apart from that there's also double zero (00). Intuition itself based on simple laws of probability tells us that we got more chances to win by playing european roulette; the percentage balance is: the european solvency is 97.3% and the american is 94.74%.

The essence of playing roulette is undoubtly staring at the turning wheel, but probably many will say different thing, and definitelly betting. Most of the old systems like Martingale or Fibonacci is looking at simple chances so also where the player has almost 50% chance for winning. That „almost” is when the 0 is on the wheel, which is treated separately, as scorring 0 is losing your bet. So the player can bet on black or red, even numbers or odd numbers and on high or low where numbers from 1 to 18 are low and 19-36 are high. But scoring a 0 in european roulette is losing only half of your bet.

Betting into roulette

Much more interesting is to give a try to the specific number. The simplest of this type of situation is when the player is betting on a specific number by putting his token in the midle of the field on his number. The token can't touch any of the boards of the field. If the number is the winning one the player is winning at best possible payment ratio 35:1. However it is easy come to the point that this kind of situations are not in common and that's why other tactic is used more often. It is possible to bet on a number from a specific dozen: first- 1-12, second- 13-24 and third- 25-36. The payment ratio in this case is 2:1 and when the 0 comes out the bets are lost. The other of this kind of situation is called post or rather a column as the token is put in one pistil and the chances for scoring are similar to those in betting on a dozen and the paymant ratio is the same.

At casino we can find so called inside bets. And so the first example of this kind of bets is six-line bet, where according to the name we are beting on 6 numbers palced in 2 rows. The token is putted aside, where is a line dividing two rows. The payment ratio in this case is 11:1. It is also possible to bet on corners what means betting on 4 numbers next to each other (according to the name the token is placed in the corner holding our numbers) and also splits so betting on 2 numbers next to each other). The payment ratio is in this case 11:1 and 17:1.

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