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Bet-at-home Casino

Bet-at-home is one of the most popular in  Europe website which is offering online gambling. It is mostly known thanks to it's sports bets, but not only. On Bet-at-home You can also play poker, live casino games. How does it presents itself on a background of competition?

About Bet-at-home Casino

Bet-at-home is the german-austrian company which Headquarter is placed on Malta and it was founded in 2000 year. In Europe it's especially  known thanks to it's sports bets which is mostly because of financing range of sports events. The case of sponsoring banners placed on the uniforms  of the players taking part at the Ski Jumping Competition at Zakopane 2000 straight after the government had forbidden advertising online bookmakers has echoed loudly. The case is still in progress and the bosses of the company are  for sure rubbing their hands as it's hard to get any better advertise campaign. It's worth to notice that Bet-at-home is often surprising with many bonuses related to important sports events like Football Championship 2010 which contributes to popilarization of the company among the fans of different gamling games. It is much less said about casino games available on Bet-at-home website. Does it mean that segment oh gambling is treated by german-austrian company with neglect?

Casino's visual frame

It seems that it doesn't, so it's worth taking a closer look at Bet-at-home offer. It's impossible not to mention at the beginning about element which some may see as an advantage and the other ones as disadventage. That element is Bet-at-home visual frame. Graphic at both casino and sports bets is very simple. Some people say it's even too simple. In my opinon there's nothing to complain about because to be honest for me that simpliness is very convincing and I think that it is one of the most balanced sites and you just want to come back to it. Many friends that are betting say that maybe the offer provided and rates offered won't bring you on your knees but you come back to it if only to look up the statistics.

Bet-at-home casino

Yet somebody may say: casino is a totally different thing. Here the level of the graphic also counts, the performence of the specific games, which is part of the fun that you take from gaming. I agree with that but I have to note at once, that during testing Bet-at-home website not  even for a moment I had a feeling of facing defective good or poor imitation of online casino. That's why, what I will stress once again, the site is perfectly balanced and it makes generally good impression. On the homepage we can see the highest jackpot and also find an information about incoming tournaments. The fans of playing in browser will be glad as independently from choosing a casino game online or live we won't be forced to download any kind of software. Games are uploading very fast and there are no troubles with them and in case of any problems we can make a use of very quick and reliable support. Polish menu is something that you will also enjoy.

Bet-at-home bonuses

Now we'll talk about something that is interesting the players the most: at any respectable online casino the player is getting pretty large bonus at the fist payment. Bet-at-home offers bonus 100% up to 400 PLN, which can be taken by the players that didn't buy any tokens at online casino. It means that if someone already has an account at Bet-at-home, and taking notice of previous sports bet promotions, many people interested in gamling probably have it, still can use the bonus. Just log into your account, make a payment, exchange it for tokens and the double ammount will be sent into your account instantly up to 400 PLN. It's yet worth taking good look at the regulations of the bonuses which are very important with turning the amount of bonus received.

Availability of games at the Casino

The offer at Bet-at-home casino isn't maybe so wide ranged like for example at Unibet Casino, where we found video games based on popular games or movies. But at the same time we can't say that something is missing. Especially available card games look pretty interesting like Oasis Poker, High-Low in different versions, Double Exposure Black-Jack or my favourite Red Dog Progressive. Rary avaible at casinos scraches are quite good option. High jack-pots are also a huge advantage of Bet-at-home casino. At Casino Live much wider variety of choices of pretty female croupiers is available. You can see that they've took very good care of that incredibly important element. Summaring: despite low choice of games I will disagree with the statement some keep staying that casino is only and addition to sports bets, which are the main focus area of the company. They say that gamblers prefer sports bets at Bet-at-home. It's good taking a closer look oneself to find out who's wrong or right.

Bet-at-home Casino

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