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Unibet Casino

Unibet is a appreciated brand which is very popular all over the world and it's not only thanks to one of the most expanded and richest offer if we talk about online gambling but also cause of financing sports events all over the world. Not so long ago Unibet was sponsoring first football league. But if it comes to casino it is one of the best places to start Your adventure with gambling.

About Casino and it's graphic design

Unibet Group Company was founded in 1997 year and only a year later is has gained the license on one of the most important british market. It's headquarter is placed on Malta. At present on Unibet website apart from sports bets, casino and poker you can find also arcade games, bingo or other kind of games. During 15 years of it's existence Unibet gained varieties of prestigious rewards becoming one of the leaders on the online gambling market. Today Unibet has about 7 milions of users all over the world and thanks to effective advertisement and also high quality of provided services that number is increasing with every day.

Let's move to the casino as it's worth mentioning a few issues. Unibet offers both casino online and casino live where You can take part in different games like roulette with other users. It's not all! Unibet has 2 online casinos: one of them is a casino available for users divided into 3 separate parts: Casino Red, Casino Black and also Casino Live. First two have the online casino features: we can play there different table games, video games or table games like roulette, black-jack or baccarat. Both are different from each other with varieties of games so everyone can appeal to something else. At Live Casino we compete with other players in roulette, black-jack or baccarat and attractive female croupiers are additionally entertaining the game. To enter the second casino you have to download a software on and next register on it by using Your Unibet login or register a new account.

Bonuses at Unibet Casino

Separation into 2 different casinos is essential cause of bonuses that  Unibet offers to new players. New users can double theirs' first deposit both at casino available on Unibet website and after downloading software and registering at Unibet Casino. New users can count on 100% bonus on theirs' first deposit up to 100 Euros what means that if they pay in for example 20 Euros they will get another 20 Euros on gaming. Dubling is possible only once but it concers both browser casino and software casino. So everyone can use the bonus twice under condittion of making 2 deposites.

Games at Unibet Casino

The varieties of games available on both platforms makes a good impression. Especially interesting are video games based on well-known movies or computer games like Tomb Raider, Lord of the Rings, Hitman or Call of Duty. Great performance of the games catches the player's eye at once. Choice for old-conservatist-gamers raised on old slot games looks not worse. All games of course can be tried thanks to play4free option. However most of the players prefer live casino that's why the most popular games are roulette, baccarat, black-jack which have strong representation at Unibet Casino.


The two greatest strenghts of Unibet casinos are progressive jackpots and also unique tournaments thanks to which it is possible to win quite high money rewards. On slot games a percantage of  money lost by the players goes to the pool and that's why Unibet can boast of one of the highest jack-pots at online casinos which often reach even few thousand Euros. Each user of Unibet Casino can take part in two tournaments everyday in which first five gets precious money rewards which go into theirs' Unibet acocunts. If we add to this great support which is one of the best ranked online casinos and also wide choice of methods of payments we have to admit that Unibet's offer is one of the best

Unibet Casino

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